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Bucket List:


-Work / Live on a huge sailing ship for at least a month

-Take the Trans Siberian Railway

-Follow the whole Silk Route from China to Turkey

-Get my diving certificate – Curacao

-Learn how to play the piano

-Learn survival skills

-Go Sand boarding

-Run a Marathon

-Fly an airplane or helicopter

-Speak in front of 500+ people 

-Take dancing classes

-Learn martial arts 

-Take a hot air balloon ride

-Run a Triathlon

-Watch the Super Bowl in a Stadium

-Get a full passport

-Roadtrip of at least 2000km

-Road trip of at least 5000km

-Go on a Safari, Africa

-Learn at least 10 languages fluently:

  • Dutch <– Mother Tongue
  • English

  • Chinese
  • Indonesian
  • French
  • German
  • Thai
  • Swedish
  • Korean
  • Russian
  • Japanese
    On the list:
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Sign language

-Ride a horse, Utrecht, the Netherlands

-Be a vegetarian for at least a year <– 6 years

-Meditate for at least an hour

-Ride and Elephant, Thailand

-Learn Snowboarding, French Alps

-Ride a Camel, Inner Mongolia

-Learn how to drive a big motorbike, Bali, Indonesia

-Learn how to play the guitar ← questionable

-Skydiving, Texel, the Netherlands

-Most Dangerous Hike in the World, Plank walk, Hua Shan, China

-Learn how to Surf, Bali, Indonesia

-Get Asian Cooking Classes, Chiang Mai, Thailand (And more)

-Do Volunteer work, Singburi, Thailand

-Teach a Language, Singburi, Thailand, Beijing, China, Bali, Indonesia

-Build something out of nothing, Singburi, Thailand

-Live in a Buddhist Temple for over a month, Wang Nam Khiao, Thailand

World Wonders:

-Visit the Pyramids, Giza, Egypt

-Walk through the Colosseum, Italy

-Visit the Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

-Potala Palace, Tibet

-Cairo Citadel, Cairo, Egypt

-Climb the Empire State Building, New York, USA

-Cross the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, USA

-Visit the Rose City of Petra, Jordan

-Climb MT Fuji, Japan

-See Machu Picchu, Peru

-Taj Mahal, India

-Chichen Itza, Mexico

-Grand Canyon, Arizona, US

-Mt Everest, Nepal

-Aurora / Northern Light, North

-Victoria Falls, Zambia

-Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

-Angel Falls, Venezuela

-Iguazu Falls, Argentina

-Komodo Island, Indonesia

-Halong Bay, Vietnam

-Angkor Wat, Cambodia

-Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

-Palawan Island, Philipines

-Easter Island, Chili/Polynesia

-Jeju Islands, South-Korea

-Pamukkale, Turkey

-French Alps, France

-Watch the sunset at mt Bromo, Indonesia

-Borobudur Temple, Indonesia

-Walk over the Great Wall of China, Badaling, China

-Leaning tower of Pisa, Pisa, Italy

-Visit the Forbidden City, Beijing, China

-Stone Henge, Wiltshire, England


-Istanbul, Turkey

-Jeruzalem, Israel

-Dubai, UAE

-Lisbon, Portugal

-New York, USA

-Copenhagen, Denmark

-Chicago, USA

-Hong Kong, Hong Kong

-Las Vegas, USA

-Rome, Italy

-London, England

-Paris, France

-Shanghai, China

-Beijing, China

-Xi’an, China

-Brussels, Belgium

-Antwerp, Belgium

-Ghent, Belgium

-Kuala Lumpur, Malayasia

-Singapore, Singapore

-Stockholm, Sweden

-Riga, Latvia

-Vilnius, Lithuania

-Budapest, Hungary

-Tallinn, Estonia

-Bangkok, Thailand

-Chiang Mai, Thailand

-Barcelona, Spain

-Madrid Spain

-Bali, Indonesia

-Berlin, Germany

-Dublin, Ireland


-United Arab Emirates
















-New Zealand























This list is still under construction.

If you have any suggestions, places that should be on here. Don’t hesitate and just send me a message!



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