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So who is Jaime?

Jaime van der Peijl is a writer, marketeer and a traveler born in Utrecht, the Netherlands.
His dream was to travel the world and see every country there is to see. But the more countries he visited, the more he wanted others to see what he saw and to experience the most amazing places he visited. He started to write articles in order to inspire more people and he wants to show people how easy it actually is to start a life like he did.

He is now Traveling full time and occasionally going on a short vacation to his home country.

Current location: Bali, Indonesia

So why not just stay at home?

Jaime is someone who can’t sit still. From the day that he turned 18 he couldn’t stay in one country for more than 6 months. Seeing the world was his biggest dream and so he left the first of January after his 18th birthday to the far East for half a year. After noticing how cheap traveling could be, he extended his stay and didn’t come back until 8 months later when he arrived back at his home country with less than 5 euro’s in his pocket.

The trip showed Jaime possibilities of traveling cheap and for longer periods of time. Three weeks later, he was in France chopping down trees and building toilets out of wood, wine bottles and clay. Three months after that, he was traveling through Sweden. If he wasn’t on the road or doing odd jobs or volunteer work, he’d work in a restaurant to pay for his next destination.

Jaime started with Korean courses and later with Chinese. As soon as a chance came to do a minor in China he took it and spent half a year at the Beijing University. Jaime took the chance to visit the South of mainland China, from the amazing jungle and mountains of Yangshuo and Guilin to huge cities such as Shanghai and Xi’an. He knew that he would not leave a life of travel alone now, he was hooked. And so he began searching for ways to keep on traveling and to see more places, he didn’t know it yet, but he was searching for ways to become a Digital Nomad.

Starting Digital Nomad work

After a little break in Thailand, he went to Bali for an internship for 7 months at one of the leading co-working centers in the world, Hubud. This is where he met with Digital Nomads from around the world who gave up their jobs and secure, boring lifestyle for living a life of location independence. He fell in love with the idea of working from anywhere and started with research and gathering ideas on how he could become a traveler full time.

After reading tons of articles and interviewing Digital Nomads from around the world he found out that if this is your dream, you can achieve it and it doesn’t have to be that difficult!

The possibilities are endless and there are plenty of jobs that encourage their employees to work from cheaper areas such as Bali nowadays.
After his internship he focused on Digital Marketing and writing articles for a variety of websites, travel agencies and companies. At the age of 22, Jaime decided that he wants to inspire people to realize their dreams, to travel and see the world. He realized that people have to stop making excuses because he found out that this is exactly the reason that people don’t follow their dreams. Jaime has met so many inspiring people along the way who have taught him ways to do what you’ve always wanted, from Digital Nomads, Entrepreneurs, Dreamers, Guru’s, Hippies, Professional Athlete’s, World Travelers and people who were not yet sure what they wanted from life. what is your goal? What makes you happy? What would you like to be if your current job, money, college, your parents, a lack of time or whatever excuse you can think of was no longer an obstacle?

“You can start working on your dream life tomorrow and I promise that it will be easier than you think.”


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