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The Trip That Changed My Life – Book Now Available!


So you like travel stories?

Good, because there is an amazing gem available in the shape of a book called ‘the trip that changed my life’. This bundle of the best and most inspiring travel stories is now available for you to order. Inside you’ll find the most inspiring travel stories written by 75 globetrotters from around the world. They wrote a story about the trip that changed their life forever. From stories of how these travelers got bitten by the travel bug, how they learned valuable life lessons, how they found true love and how some places just changed their life forever.

I was honored to be part of this amazing team of wanderers and contributed with a story about how I learned one of the greatest life lessons I’ve ever had from an old Buddhist monk somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Thailand.

100% Of the profits will go to the charity work of Unbound which helps to empower children and their families around the world fulfill their true potential.

The book is dedicated to the hopes and dreams of children everywhere.

Find them here:


Thanks to the great team at Project Alpha

And a very special shout out to Hung Thai  who made this all possible.


Jaime is an explorer, he can't sit still and loves a challenge. He makes a living writing articles, Digital Marketing and more

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