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My Life (1)

Do You want to be a Digital Nomad?

Do you really want to be living a life of location independence?

As someone who can’t sit still, someone who is always looking for new challenges, adventure and freedom, I need to cope with a lot of stress and difficult situations sometimes. Even though I always try to be a good person and try to do good in every situation. This does not mean that my life and the ones around me are without any worries. I have learned how to cope with those situations, read about the best advice I’ve ever had from a Buddhist monk here.

In this month alone I’ve been in jail for a short time, I got lost in a Malaysian jungle, I got deported out of Indonesia and I ended up in the wrong bus which went to the Thai border instead of my destination which was Penang. In my life I’ve been stranded on an island with no people or food, where I not only lost 15 kgs but also some of my social skills for a while (they are both back though) I can’t count the amount of times I’ve been sent to the wrong place, been lied to or got cheated on in foreign countries but I still love traveling and my whole life.

Trouble seems to come to me and those who travel often but I love this life and all its troubles every time and wouldn’t trade it for the world. It’s not that I deliberately look for trouble or these situations but a life without worries and without any trouble wouldn’t be for me.


How does this life really sound to you? Would you like it or rather stay at home in safety?

Of course it’s not fun to be in a jail cell or to get lost in a jungle, I truly had a hard time and knew that I would probably go mental if i’d have to stay in one of these places for a longer time (even though I love the jungle). But at the end I survived, I have an amazing story to tell and I truly believe that this experience made me a better, and smarter person.
Now I know how to avoid these situations, I can understand people better who have had similar experiences and I can tell other people about what I went through.


“Do not wish for an easy life,
Wish for the strength to endure a difficult one.“

If you learn from every mistake and every bad experience you encounter, than avoiding these situations by not doing anything in your life, never taking risks and always choosing the safest way is not actually the smartest move.


So how can I get a life full of travel, experiences and feeling alive?

The most important thing, the one true secret about getting such a life probably doesn’t sound very original, but without it, you won’t be able to achieve anything:

You have to truly want it.

Do you want to travel? Do you want to feel alive? Are you willing to give up your safe environment for that?

You wake up every morning and do the same routine, go to your job that you actually don’t like. You still have the hope that something is changing but there is no one to inspire you since you always meet the same people (except for this friend on Facebook who seems to be on a holiday 10 months a year). You go back to the same house with the same car and repeat everything. The only moments you feel alive is when you buy a new car or go on a holiday one week every 6 months. Is this really the life you want to be living?

Have you had any encounters with people that truly inspire you today or this week? Have you been in a situation which felt so good that you wanted it to last forever? Have you done anything this week that made you so proud that you wanted to tell everyone? Are you looking out for this one week holiday which you planned months ahead?

I meet people that can potentially change my life every week, people who can inspire me to go forward. I am in situations every week where I wished that the moment never goes away. And I am this friend on Facebook that you hate because I am so proud of what I achieve and how I cope with all these situations. I am never actually working because everything I do is my hobby. I am trying to become very good in the things I love to do so I can actually make money with it. Sounds too good to be true? I can show you hundreds of people who are doing just that and earn money while traveling with little or no effort. So if all these people can do it, then so can you!

Your current job gives you security right? You cannot leave because you have all these plans that you want to do with the money you are planning to earn in the future. You already have a house and will lose everything if you leave now. Are these excuses that you give yourself?

My Life (1)

First, let me tell you that leaving everything is the best feeling in the world. But you don’t have to do this if you are not able to.
Second, is the place that you have now really your dream place? Or is the place that you actually see in your dreams on a beach underneath some palm trees or on a mountain covered with snow? or maybe on an island far away?

What if I tell you that the place in your dreams is probably a lot easier to get than the place you have now? I traded my little stinky student dorm in the Netherlands for a beautiful house in Bali, I used to pay 450 euro’s a month, and now I pay 50! What if I tell you that there are options to sub-lend your house and maybe even make profit? Or sell it and rent something for a while to pay for your travels while you make up your mind what you can do best? What if I tell you that you can actually work in EVERY country in the world (some more difficult than others) and make money with the thing that YOU love, instead of what your boss might love.

What are you good at? What do you love? And what is your passion? All questions that you have to ask yourself after you read this article. And then, just take an hour to see your options, how can you actually get to that point that you are in a place you love and doing the thing that you love.  

Cannot figure it out? Read some of the articles under the Inspiration field above and don’t forget to comment and share 😉

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All the best,

Jaime van der Peijl


Jaime is an explorer, he can't sit still and loves a challenge. He makes a living writing articles, Digital Marketing and more

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