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First things to know before your Digital Nomad Journey

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Want to become a Digital Nomad? Read this first!

Thousands of years ago the earth was inhabited by Nomads mostly, on their never ending search for food and shelter they followed the most fertile grounds, the seasons and the trekking of animals.
Nomads are people with no settled home, People who move from one place to another as a way of obtaining food, finding grounds for livestock, or otherwise making a living.
The new generation of nomads is here and this is not a generation that chases mammoths, the sun or fertile lands. This is a generation seeking freedom and location independence chasing the most beautiful beaches, fast internet and adventure.

The amount of travelers is increasing together with the growing possibilities of working online from home or abroad. countries in Asia, Africa and South-America are receiving more expats by the thousands since these are relatively cheap places compared to the West. Co-working Hotspots such as Bali, Singapore and Bangkok are gaining worldwide attention since more and more high profile start-ups originate from co-working centers in these locations. With cheap living costs and an inspirational environment, help and support from a community of travelers and digital nomads it almost starts to look easy to start a company.


Websites such as Elance and Upwork are growing fast and more freelancers join everyday looking for a life of location independence. The amount of podcasts, blogs and websites selling everything from jewelry to travel gear are popping up like magic mushrooms. There are plenty of designers, programmers, ghost writers in every community and all of these are just a small portion of the jobs that become increasingly popular with such a worldwide desire to become location independent.

But with so many people trying to do one of these jobs, is there still a spot reserved for you? Will you be able to live a life as a digital nomad even though there are already so many taking all the jobs?

Let me ask you first, why would you want one of these jobs? I know that it looks easier to do what everybody does, but then again, probably one of the reasons that you might want to be a digital nomad is because you DON’T want to do what everybody does right?
I met someone who knows a programmer language that nobody else masters but airports always need this language to function. He can ask whatever he wants for his jobs because there is no one else able to do it! There is someone who makes a living getting drunk while traveling and rating websites while he is downing a bottle of tequila. Companies who want to know whether their website is simple and easy to use even for drunk people. There is someone who makes videos about how you can jump higher, and yes he is making good money off of it and only spent a few hours making a video which he can sell everywhere now. Do you have a skill? You can easily make a website and upload videos of e.g. guitar lessons, painting, taking care of a horse or writing about what other people can do with their lives.

There are plenty of ways to earn money and sometimes it’s actually better to do something no one else can or does. Think about a product or service that people actually need. Something in your direct environment maybe that you really miss and that you are sure other people need too. Or maybe something you saw in another country that you have back home but that these people do not have.
Starting a business is mostly about solving other people’s problems and making money out of it!

The first step of following in your grandparents footsteps and becoming a Digital Nomad and earning money wherever you are is actually thinking whether this is a life you want. It is not always easy to step out of since the rest of the world is changing around you while you are away. The second step is to get an idea. A lot of people I’ve met just booked a ticket and started thinking while they were on the road! This is a great way of doing it because you will get a lot of inspiration while traveling. But then again, you might end up not coming up with anything and just enjoying the great things of traveling. My suggestion would be to think of something first. Read blogs, search the internet, interview people, look around you, follow courses and use Google and YouTube to find whichever answer you need.
When you have an idea, think of a place you’d like to go. However, take other factors in mind such as living costs, speed of WiFi and whether there is a community to inspire and help you on your new journey. There are websites that can help you with finding your perfect place such as the NomadList but also Tripadvisor and Yelp can be helpful.
And then the next thing you have to do is book your ticket. Don’t be afraid, if this is something you really want then go for it. You might not make it the first time but there are thousands of ways to achieve a life of location independence and so if you fail once, there  are still over 999 options to choose from.

Good Luck,

Jaime van der Peijl


Jaime is an explorer, he can't sit still and loves a challenge. He makes a living writing articles, Digital Marketing and more

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