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What I do

Over the last couple of years I specialized in creative marketing and content creation for startups. After completing a project working for an educational startup in Bali, I became passionate about inspiring people to do the same.

My current role is a marketing position for a startup that connects young people with startup placements in beautiful locations like Bali, Phuket and Costa Rica. This involves running marketing campaigns, social media and saving young people from tedious careers in accountancy.
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How I work

While I was on the road or living in places such as Bali, Beijing or Kuala Lumpur, (read about that here), I realized that traveling and living abroad is easier than most people think. I became fixated with traveling, while earning money on the road. And I discovered many ways to pay for your travels while never stepping into your ‘home’ country. Now I make a point of working from unusual places, whether it be volcanoes, jungles, or monkey-friendly coworking spaces.




What I can do for you

Having trouble reaching an audience or creating a voice for your company? I offer low cost solutions using creative marketing and social media. I can help you engage more with your followers, create marketing strategies and fitting content for your social media platforms, website and blogs.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested, or just want to know where I am in the world, about the best coffee place in Penang or which volcano to climb when in Bali.

Kind regards,

Jaime van der Peijl



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